Hafta Have is your new offline revenue engine.
Access the most powerful shopper data in retail and bring new confidence to every aspect of your business.
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‍An omni-channel platform focused on shopper data & driving revenue via SMS.

With Hafta Have, retailers can identify and text their shoppers about the exact items they want to buy, before they buy them.

No app. No hardware.

Capture and access in-store shopper data.

Unlock offline shopper data that will have an impact on every aspect of your business.

Understand the true value of the store with offline to online attribution, and defend against showrooming.

Automate product-specific messages that feel special.

Recover store abandonment with texts about the exact item a shopper looked at in your store.

Hyper-personalized messages to drive ROI and foot traffic.

Incentivize each shopper to make a purchase in store, drive back to store or purchase later online with proven text message marketing campaigns.

Imagine getting a text about the exact item you were looking at in-store. Wouldn’t you click?


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Click Through



Features Designed to Support Your KPIs

Each retailer is provided with their own dashboard of powerful functionality to respond to their needs.
Collect Real-Time In-Store Data

Capture actionable shopper level, in-store and pre-purchase data

Insights + Trends

Identify the value of a shopper & understand trends behind the most popular products

Easy Integration

All that's required is your standard
product feed

Retarget With Your Own Offline Data

Leverage offline data to enhance your online & mobile retargeting to increase ROI

Track Conversions + Measure ROI

Know which texts drove a shopper to purchase in-store or online

A Gamified In-Store Shopping Experience Resulting in an 11% Lift in Sales.

And they did it without a single sale sign.

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Starbucks doubles check size with Hafta Have.

In 30 days, 67% increase in offer redemptions, resulting in 2x check size with no sale signs.

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